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Ronald Wilson Reagan
40th President of the United States.

The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I am here to help.
Ronald Reagan

The government is not the solution to our problems; the government is the problem.
Ronald Reagan

    The United States has managed to keep the scourge of socialism that killed over 150 million people from our shores in the 20th century.  However, the dark clouds of socialism have been forming over America for decades. 

    Concealed carry licensees are more law-abiding than the general population: They must undergo proper firearms safety training, and they must be certified via two criminal history background checks--FBI and state--that they are sufficiently law-abiding to be entrusted with such responsibility.

    Concealed carry licensees make a considered choice to conduct themselves a certain way in public, and have invested the time, money, and effort to certify that their level of commitment is worthy the public's trust. They voluntarily undergo background checks normally reserved for sensitive jobs or criminal arrests, in order to certify that they rank among our most law-abiding citizens prior to receiving their license.

    Ask any American and he'll tell you he believes in liberty.  To a point, of course.  All too often, when liberty goes beyond the inalienable right to choose one's own brand of mouthwash, the cold fear of freedom begins to seep into the bones. 

    Cheering on the fear of freedom are those quivering souls steeped in terror at the thought of independent decision-making and freedom of action on the part of their distrusted fellow man.  These anti-freedom zealots are members of the well established international community of political ideologues who have brought you such gun-control activists as Joe Stalin and Chairman Mao.  And since at least the 1930s it has been clear that even The Land of The Free has its share of these political low-lifes.  We must face the fact that the anti-freedom zealots have made their American home in the left, or 'liberal', wing of today's Democrat Party. 

    Anti-freedom zealots live in a wayward universe of their own making, a cosmos where nature is contradicted at every turn, where responses to every problem are suicidal measures as certain to make the problem worse as showering gasoline on a housefire.  The upended logic of these fanatics is stunning: If there's a problem with bad guys shooting good guys, then let's make sure the good guys don't have guns. 

    Robert H. Boatman's writings are used in this site.  He is an Author of many fine books on firearms and our second amendment rights.  Please visit his sites at and Especially IronWordRanch, it is a must read for all Americans.


    All living beings have a natural right to protect themselves from preditors. 

    The U.S. Constitution guarantees 'the people' of the United States the right of self protection with firearms in the Second Amendment. 

    Those that seek to limit or remove the right of self protection, are assisting the preditors to prey on the innocent. 

    Criminal law breakers do not obey laws, that is why they are criminals.  Criminals will not obey any gun control law.  Therefore gun control laws only protect the criminals from their victims. 

    Those that seek to limit or remove the natural right of self protection are violating our Constitution and are only assisting the preditors, thus they could be called criminals themselves. 

    Preditors and criminal despots always disarm their victims before the kill. 

Fear the Government that fears your guns